To install MySQLXPCOM you can download pre-compiled XPCOM components from here. Note, that mysqlexplorer is separate stand alone xpi file, see below.

  FreeBSD Linux MacOS X Win32
mozilla 1.3a 1.3a-FreeBSD4.xpi   1.3a-Darwin6.3.xpi  
mozilla 1.3b 1.3b-FreeBSD4.xpi   1.3b-Darwin6.3.xpi  
mozilla 1.4 1.4-FreeBSD4.xpi      

To install MySQL Explorer you need to install MySQL XPCOM component for your platform from above. If you feel brave, just compile it. Once explorer installed check Tools menu. Enjoy.

Cross platform mysql explorer

The mysqlxpcom project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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