What's New
  • 28 February 2004. Kudos to Edward Duffy, minor fixes to nsMySQL.cpp to make Visual Studio.NET 7 happy
  • 2 July 2003. Documentation added. JavaScript sample added (with RDF support). FreeBSD xpi for 1.4 uploaded
  • 17 February 2003. Mozilla 1.3b has extensions/sql with PostgreSQL support there and MySQL in progress. Read the docs about it.
  • mozdb project. May be mysqlxpcom will be part of it one day...

Welcome to the MySQL XPCOM wrapper project at!

Quick Intro

The MySQL XPCOM project is XPCOM/XPConnect implementation of mysqlclient API 3.x. The goal of the project is to provide solid and full mysqlclient interface for JavaScript applications. Various admin/query/explore interfaces to MySQL databases could be created as pure XUL/JavaScript application with the help of this project.


YASP Software has created some e-commerce online shops with MySQL backends. Our clients are using kind of traditional admin systems to view and amend information.
HTML/JavaScript/Forms -- HTTP -- WWW SERVER -- SCRIPTS -- MySQL
If we are talking about 1,000+ products selling online I can guess about the speed and usability of such interface. Slow, slow, slow. Especially when we need to provide various complex customizable reports and flexible product management. So well. We are looking for a better solution!
XUL/JavaScript -- XPCOM -- MySQL
XPCOM shown above is exactly the part we have created. It allows to build MySQL interfaces in pure JavaScript. Right now. Well... if you are able to install it :-)


There are 3 things done.

  1. XPCOM wrapper to mysql API 3.x itself
  2. Simple XUL application to show the power of mysql XPCOM wrapper. We named it 'MySQL Explorer'
  3. Moss Collum have done some documentation and provided helper JavaScript file with RDF support. See docs
Both worked for us on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS X with Mozilla starting from version 1.2.


  1. Implementation of mysql 4.x API. It will include SSL connections to mysql servers by the way.
  2. Perl DBI implemented as XPCOM module with drivers to many databases. Isn't it cool ?
  3. Providing mysql part of code for Mozilla SQL project.


Seems we have no time to actively develop/support the project. So anyone expirienced or brave enough is welcome to help.

  1. improve mysqlexplorer
  2. for any memory leaks and error handling in the C++ code
  3. if you need multithreaded version of the XPCOM module, please do it and send back patches :-)
  4. test compilation/install with newer version of Mozilla on your preffered platform
  5. write more documentation and examples

Any questions ? Just write an email to mysqlxpcom at yasp point com

The mysqlxpcom project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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